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prostate cancer

[Must Read] Take Guesswork Out of Prostate Cancer

A new test is available that can more accurately predict a man’s risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

[Warning] Pain Pills POISONING Americans

Millions of people take OTC drugs every day assuming they’re safe, but the truth is they could be killing you.

The $10 Cure for Skin Cancer?

Studies have found that vitamin B3 can help prevent both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Seniors Targeted in Mammogram Scam

A new analysis raises questions about the benefits of mammograms for older women.

Can This LIGHTBULB Stop Diabetes?!?

A revolutionary new “smart” lightbulb could protect against the dangers associated with energy-efficient LED lights.

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5 Dead After CRAZY Weight Loss Stunt

An FDA-approved weight loss surgery that involves inserting a saline-filled water balloon in the stomach has killed five people.

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Lawsuit Reveals MASSIVE Cancer Cover-Up

Documents released in court have revealed that Monsanto has been engaging in a massive coverup to hide the dangers of Roundup.

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Dr. G’s Plan for BUSTING Brain Fog

Four common nutrients have been found to help combat those “senior moments.”

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Still Taking Statins? Better Read This FAST!

A recent analysis has found that statin drugs don’t extend lifespan – and actually cause more harm than good.

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A new analysis shows that 80 percent of medical bills contain an error.

Urgent! You’re Being ROBBED on Medical Bills!

A new analysis shows that 80 percent of medical bills contain an error.

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[Alert] New Pain Pills Put Seniors at Risk

In an effort to avoid prescribe opioid painkillers, doctors have turned to an alternative. But is it any safer?

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Dr. G’s Trick for Stopping Muscle Loss

Consuming protein is important for helping you maintain healthy, strong muscles. But a recent study found that it’s not just about how much protein you’re eating… it’s about when.

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The REAL Reason You Can’t Kick Depression

A surprising new study has shown that people who eat the most sugar are more at-risk for mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

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Amazing Breakthrough Kills “Hopeless” Cancers

Curcumin has been found to kill cancer cells in a often incurable cancer that is most common in infants.

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[WARNING] NEVER Eat These Foods With Arthritis

These foods could be the true cause of your arthritis pain.

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Take 10 Years Off Your Brain With This “Cartoon Cure”

Lutein is well known for promoting eye health, but now studies are showing that it could help keep your brain healthy as well.

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The One Diet You Should NEVER Try

Find out why the diet fads don’t work, and the easiest, quickest way to lose the weight and keep it off.

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The Great Alzheimer’s Fraud Exposed

A shocking new report indicates that most Alzheimer’s patients may be victims of misdiagnosis.

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[Warning] Popular Sunscreen Causes Cancer

An alarming new report shows that the active ingredient in most sunscreens could cause cancer.

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The One “Diet” Food You Should NEVER Eat

A new report has found that artificial sweeteners could actually contribute to weight gain.

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