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Breakthrough Test Detects Cancer EARLY

Ovarian cancer is very treatable when it’s caught early.

But when it’s not detected quickly… it can be DEADLY.

Even worse? It comes with practically no symptoms and few tests are reliable for early detection.

This means that ovarian cancer is practically impossible to catch when it’s treatable.

And that’s why more than 50% of women diagnosed end up dying from the disease.

But there’s hope.

A research team has created a new cancer screening test that could change the future of ovarian cancer treatment.

When ovarian cancer is caught early, it has a 94% survival rate. But because of poor early detection options, only about one-fifthof women fall into this category.

And the longer cancergoes undetected, the worse the prognosis.

But researchers from Tel Aviv University have developed what could possibly be the most accurate test to date.

The researchers put their new screening method to the test on a group of women. Some had cervical cancer, and some didn’t.

They found that this test correctly identified cancer in 25 of the 37 women with ovarian cancer, giving the test 70% diagnostic sensitivity.

It also correctly identified 3 out of 4 healthy women as being cancer-free, giving it what’s called 70% specificity.

This test uses something called proteomics, which is the large-scale study of proteins.

Cancer cells give off signals from proteins. It’s like sending up a flare to alert its presence. The problem is that healthy cells give off protein signals as well, which can mask the signals from the cancer-specific ones. It would be like setting off fireworks, causing the cancer flare to go unnoticed.

But in this particular screening test, researchers created a way to separate out microvesicles from uterinefluid that don’t contain much of those flare-masking fireworks.

Strip the fireworks away, and it’s much easier to see the cancerflare.

The test isn’t perfect, but 70% accuracy is a big step in the right direction for women everywhere.

A test like this would be especially valuable for women genetically predisposed to the disease, which includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Older women, since more than half of all ovariancancersare found in women over 63,
  • Women with a BMI over 30, and
  • Having a family history of ovarian, breast, or colon cancer.

I’ll keep you posted as more information about this new test becomes available.

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

Written By Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

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