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This unique publication is edited by Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D., a medical pioneer who has spent 35 years helping patients live the healthy, disease-free lives they deserve. He details how you can enjoy robust physical and mental health – despite the schemes of Big Food and Big Pharma to keep you sick and addicted to their toxic products.

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Natural Health Response is committed to revealing the truth about your health, and giving you the tools that you’ll need to regain and keep control of it. Edited by Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D., one of the most pioneering minds in medicine today, Natural Health Response shows you how to live your life free from chronic pain… heart disease…diabetes… Alzheimer’s… cancer, and so much more. Dr. Gerhauser has spent 35 years helping seniors live the healthy and disease-free lives they deserve – and he’s never swayed by the billion-dollar drug industry. Log in for access to his latest breakthrough cures.

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