Alzheimer's disease

Breakthrough Therapy REVERSES Alzheimer’s (Start Today!)

When it comes to curing Alzheimer’s, the mainstream continues to miss the mark.

Their risky, expensive drugs are pretty much WORTHLESS when it comes to reversing the disease.

And even when they do find something that works… it can take decades for it to get approved.

But it doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

Scientists believe they have found a new therapy for that might be able to prevent the memory-robbing effect of Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s a fascinating discovery, and there’s still a lot of research that needs to be done… but you don’t have to wait around to get through all the red tape.

Because there’s already a way to achieve the same results – and it’s available to you right now.

Everyone knows that exercise benefits the body, but its brain benefits are even more impressive.

Over the years, studies have shown that exercise can improve your memory and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Now, a recent study published in the journal Nature Medicine has given us insight into how it works – and it centers on a hormone called irisin.

Exercise causes the body to release irisin, which helps promote the growth of brain cells in the region of the brain that is important for learning and memory (called the hippocampus).

But there’s more to the story.

This new study showed that people with Alzheimer’s have lower levels of irisin in their hippocampus.

That’s a good start, but to really understand whythey had to look at mice.

These experiments showed that irisin protected the brain’s synapses (those are the connections between brain cells), and ultimately helped protect their memory.

The researchers then specifically looked at the impact of exercise on irisin and memory. They infused mice with the harmful beta-amyloid plaque that is the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite this infusion, the mice that swam every day for five weeks did NOT develop any memory impairment.

However, when they received an irisin-blocking drug, it eliminated the brain-protecting benefits of the exercise.

In other words, the simple act of exercise protected mice from developing memory impairment despite having the characteristic plaques associated with Alzheimer’s.

Of course, the researchers want to use this as a basis for a new drug.

Sure, you could wait around for Big Pharma to whip up an expensive drug that will come with possible benefits and definite side effects.

OR… you could just start exercising and releasing your body’s own memory-protecting irisin.

I know what I would choose!

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

Written By Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

For years he’s been the trusted doctor for celebrities, world-class athletes, and countless seniors looking to reclaim their health.

And now…for the first time ever… he’s making his medical breakthroughs available to readers all across America.

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