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THIS Coronavirus Discovery Could Change EVERYTHING!

We know that the coronavirus is a respiratory infection. And that’s why patients with the most severe cases are being put on ventilators.

But did you know that up to 90 percent of patients put on those ventilators end up dying anyway

Clearly the ventilators aren’t working.

And clearly there’s more to this disease than meets the eye.

Researchers have identified an underlying problem tied to the some of the most understood symptoms of the disease.

And it could change everything.

One of the biggest problems associated with COVID-19 is excessive blood clotting.

Blood clotting is beneficial in moderation. It’s what keeps you from bleeding out if you have a wound.

But if your blood thickens throughout your body, it can cause blood clots that prevent blood from freely flowing through your veins.

And when blood clots for in your heart, brain, and lungs, it can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolisms.

Blood clots in COVID-19 patients are also causing major problems like kidney failure, heart inflammation, and immune system complications.

One person even had to have his leg amputated.

A study that looked at the autopsies of 12 people who died from COVID-19 found that 60 percent of the patients had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that had gone undiagnosed—and for many it’s what ultimately killed them.

DVTs occur when a clot forms somewhere in the body, and then makes its way to your lungs.

Other autopsies have found hundreds of inflammation-causing micro-clots in the lungs of people who died from COVID-19.

In some cases, these DVTs are fatal. For others, the DVTs are responsible for one of the key symptoms of coronavirus: restricted blood and airflow to the lungs, which leads to decreased blood oxygen levels.

It could also be the underlying reason why coronavirus patients can experience heart damage and strokes.

Clotting in the blood vessels just under the skin can also cause rash-like patterns—including the mysterious “COVID toes,” which occur when the patients’ toes turn dark and swell up.

Scientists still don’t know exactly why the coronavirus is causing excessive blood clotting—but we can still use this information to make informed decisions for our health.

And that brings me back to the role of vitamin K in the disease.

Earlier in the week, I told you about a study showing that COVID-19 patients with a vitamin K deficiency were much more likely to have severe cases of the disease.

Vitamin K has blood-thinning properties, so it could be exactly what the body needs to help combat the excessive blood clotting caused by the disease.

It also makes sense that not having enough of it could make you more vulnerable.

That’s why I recommend making sure your body has plenty of blood-thinning vitamin K.

By far, the best K-rich foods include green leafy vegetables.

For added protection, you can start taking a supplement as well. Just make sure NOT to take vitamin K if you’re on a blood-thinning medication like warfarin.

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