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Drug Companies SCAMMING Seniors? [Alert]

Let’s face it… pharmaceutical drugs are a blessing and a curse.

Some are relatively safe and beneficial.

Others are highly dangerous and practically useless.

But how do these dangerous and useless drugs get to the market in the first place… and end up in so many seniors’ medicine cabinets?

If you ask me, the whole process is a bit of a scam. And understanding it could help keep you or someone you love safe.

Clinical drug trials are designed to answer two primary questions:

  1. Does it work?
  2. Is it safe?

So if a drug makes it to market, it’s easy to assume that the answer to both questions is yes.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case—especially if you’re a senior citizen.

Drug companies often rely on what’s called surrogate endpoints. These are results that might look good on paper, but that don’t give you any real benefit in the end.

For example, a cancer drug might shrink a tumor, but not extend survival.

Or a drug might lower cholesterol numbers—but again, doesn’t help you live any longer.

Those surrogate endpoints get a lot of drugs to market—and make the drug companies billions. But they don’t deliver any real benefit to YOU.

As for the question of whether or not these drugs are safe… well, you can’t trust the answer to that question either, especially if you’re a senior citizen.

That’s because senior citizens are dramatically underrepresented in clinical trials.

In a study just published in JAMA Network Open, researchers looked at over 485,000 people enrolled in 60 studies on lipid-lowering drugs from 1990-2018.

In the early 1990s, seniors over age 65 made up about 32 percent of the trials’ participants.

It increased to 42 percent in the most recent trials analyzed.

But it’s still a major problem, considering the fact that older people make up the majority of people actually taking these drugs.

As you age, you metabolize drugs differently. This could impact both the effectiveness AND safety of a particular drug.

Folks, I guarantee you this is an intentional omission on the part of the pharmaceutical companies. Because the truth would most likely mean that the drug would never be approved.

This study specifically looked at clinical trials of cholesterol drugs, but this is a problem with all clinical trials for all drugs.

And it’s yet another reason why you shouldn’t take any pharmaceutical drug unless you and your doctor decide that it’s absolutely necessary.

I’m well into my 60s, and do you know how many prescription drugs are in my medicine cabinet?



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