Magic Pill STOPS Heart Disease and Diabetes

Big Pharma is always trying to develop the next magic pill. 

They thought they had stumbled onto it with statins…  

That was until research started pouring in showing that they’re not that great at lower your cholesterol – and they don’t help you live longer. 

But it turns out there is a pill that can lower your risk of both heart disease and diabetes. 

It’s a natural substance that tackles these two health conditions in a brandnew way. 

And it’s got nothing to do with Big Pharma.  

More and more studies have come out showing the connection between the health of the bacteria in your gut (known as the microbiome) and the rest of your body. 

Having too many bad guys and not enough good guys (an imbalance called dysbiosis) has been shown to increase the risks of conditions ranging from obesity, to autoimmune diseases, to depression. 

On the flip side, restoring a healthy microbiome can have a beneficial impact on everything from metabolism to brain function to your immune system. 

Now, a recent study published in the journal Nature Medicine, shows the remarkable benefits of a single strain of bacteria called Akkermansia. 

This particular study involved 32 overweight or obese people who also had metabolic syndrome (a condition that dramatically increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes). They also had insulin resistance… a double whammy for developing diabetes. 

About one third took a supplement with pasteurized Akkermansia, one third were given the live bacteria, and one third took a placebo. 

In just three months, the people who took the pasteurized Akkermansia ended up losing an average of 5 pounds, lowering their cholesterol by 9%, and improving their insulin sensitivity by 30%, compared to the placebo group. 

In other words, in these at-risk individuals, simply taking a supplement with one strain of beneficial bacteria dramatically lowered their risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

That sure sounds like a magic pill to me! 

This isn’t the first study to show the metabolic effects of Akkermansia. 

For example, numerous studies have shown that people who are obese or have type 2 diabetes tend to have less Akkermansia in their guts. 

In addition, a lab study showed that a live strain of Akkermansia prevented weight gain in mice fed a high-fat diet. And later studies showed that pasteurizing the Akkermansia made it even more effective. 

This latest study definitely adds another feather in Akkermansia’s cap. 

The difference between the pasteurized bacteria and the live strain is that the live strain can colonize in the gut, while the pasteurized version can’t. 

In this way, you’re not changing the composition of the microbiome. 

While that can be beneficial when done correctly, this study simply shows the benefits of this one particular strain of bacteria – especially for those who are overweight or have metabolic syndrome. 

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

Written By Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

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