cervical cancer cell

Miracle Test DETECTS Cancer (100% Accuracy)

Cervical cancer is nothing to mess with. 

It’s one of the leading causes of cancer death among women… and it can be difficult to detect.

Your mainstream doctor pushes routine Pap smears because they can detect changes in the cervix BEFORE cancer develops.

It sounds good… the problem is that it only detects around 50% of cervical pre-cancers.

This means lots of women don’t find out they have cervical cancer until it’s TOO LATE. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way any longer. 

Researchers have just discovered a new test that detects 100% of cervical cancers.

And the best part? It’s cheaper than a pap smear! 

There are two common screening tests for cervical cancer.

The first is the Pap smear. It involves collecting and examining cells from the cervix.

The second is testing for HPV (human papillomavirus), which is the primary cause of cervical cancer.

Both tests leave a lot to be desired. 

The Pap smear only detects around 50% of cervical pre-cancers. And the HPV test only tests for the presence of the virus – it does NOT indicate whether a woman actually has cervical cancer.

Now there's a new test that could revolutionize cervical cancer screening.

In a study of over 15,000 women, this new test had a 100% detection rate! 

I’ll say it again… 100 PERCENT!

That’s unheard of in this field.

In this specific study, the HPV test only detected 50% of cancers, and the Pap smear was even worse, catching only 25%.

That means this new test outperforms both the Pap smear and the HPV tests – and it does so at just a fraction of the cost.

This test takes a different approach to cancer detection. Instead of looking for damaged DNA, it utilizes something called epigenetics, which is a relatively new field of medicine.

Epigenetics involves turning genes “on” and “off.”

So instead of looking at patterns in the DNA itself, it looks for specific markers on the DNA.

Interestingly, this test was also able to detect adenocarcinomas, a specific kind of cervical cancer that is especially difficult to detect.

The only downside to this test is that it could be five years or more before it becomes available. 

Until then, keep reading my e-letters for weekly advice on ways you can stay healthy and cancer-free.

To a brighter day,

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

Written By Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

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