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The Vitamin Secret to STOPPING Cancer

I write a lot about steps you can take to lower your risk of cancer.

But if you already have cancer, I know you’re focused on something else: survival.

Today, I want to tell you about something that can help you do both.

I’m talking about a humble vitamin that can help keep you cancer-free… or, if you’re already locked in a battle with cancer, it can help you WIN.

Vitamin D used to be hailed for how good it is for your bones.

Then studies started popping up showing that higher levels boost immune function, help prevent depression, reduce your risk of depression, boost brain health… the list goes on.

But today I want to focus on how vitamin D can help people with the second leading cause of death: cancer.

Vitamin D has numerous anti-cancer activities, like decreasing the growth of cancer cells, stimulating the death of cancer cells, and reducing the formation of blood vessels in tumors.

And higher intakes or blood levels of vitamin D have also been shown to reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer.

Now, in a meta-analysis that included nearly 80,000 people, researchers wanted to see what affect vitamin D would have on the lifespan of cancer patients.

The study showed that cancer patients who had been taking vitamin D for at least three years had a much lower risk of death.

In other words: Vitamin D can help cancer patients live longer.

This study highlights that the time to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D is now.

Don’t just guess about your levels or hope for the best. I recommend having a blood test so that you know exactly where your vitamin D levels stand.

The current blood level recommended by the National Academy of Medicine as the optimal vitamin D blood level is 20 ng/ml.

But that number is far too low.

It is based on previous research showing that 20 ng/mL was how much vitamin D you needed for strong bones, but other studies have shown that that’s not nearly enough to have an impact on cancer.

Based on those studies, I always recommend a vitamin D blood level of at least 60 ng/ml.

If your levels are too low, the best way to get your D is to spend more time in the sun, or to eat more vitamin-D-rich foods, like salmon, sardines, beef liver, oysters, and eggs.

If following those guidelines still isn’t getting your blood levels of vitamin D up to snuff, only then do I recommend supplementation.

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

Written By Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

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