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Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

For years he’s been the trusted doctor for celebrities, world-class athletes, and countless seniors looking to reclaim their health. And now…for the first time ever… he’s making his medical breakthroughs available to readers all across America. Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. is one of the most pioneering and innovative minds in medicine today – and he delivers cutting-edge cures each month through his Natural Health Response newsletter. Natural Health Response readers get full access to Dr. Gerhauser’s protocols for chronic pain… heart disease… diabetes… Alzheimer’s… and even cancer. These are the very same treatments Dr. Gerhauser recommends to his own patients at his practice in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to being a board-certified medical doctor, Dr. Gerhauser has earned two master’s degrees and has served as a clinical professor at the University of Arizona. And as a physician at the world-famous Canyon Ranch, Dr. Gerhauser treated celebrities from around the world who paid dearly for the type of next-generation health information he provides Natural Health Response readers each month.

END Your Migraines… WITHOUT Drugs?!

I hope you’ve never experienced a migraine. But if you have, you know that you rarely have just ONE. People with chronic migraines often have 15 or more migraines a month. In addition to the excruciating pain, it can also make you sensitive to light and sound—keeping you locked in your bedroom and praying for...

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NEVER Get Colon Cancer?! (Superfood Secret!)

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in the U.S. It kills over 100,000 people every year, many of them seniors. And even if you survive this cancer, its side effects can impact your quality of life forever. It’s not unusual for people to experience bowel blockage, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, or sexual...

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Eat Your Way to PERFECT Blood Pressure (Here’s How)

Hands down, keeping your blood pressure under control is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy. High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes, aneurysms, heart failure, metabolic syndrome, dementia, and more. But here’s the good news: You have complete control over your blood pressure. And if you incorporate a...

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5 Secrets to Make Pain VANISH

When you’re in pain, you’ll do just about anything for a little relief. And if you’re experiencing chronic pain, chances are you go through your fair share of NSAIDs like Advil and Aleve just to get through your day. But with side effects that range from dangerous (stomach pain and heartburn) to deadly (increased risk...

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STOP Brain Problems With This Morning Trick

STOP Brain Problems With This Morning Trick One of my problems with mainstream medicine is that every problem has a separate drug to treat it. And when that drug causes side effects? They just pile on more drugs to treat them. Nature’s approach is much more efficient – and this latest study is a perfect...

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Men: Don’t Ignore this Heart Attack Warning Sign!

One of the scariest things about heart attacks is that they happen so suddenly. One minute you’re sitting there eating your steak dinner, and the next you’re on the floor… with no warning whatsoever. But what if there WAS a warning sign? What if your body is trying to tell you RIGHT NOW that a...

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Golden Spice ERASES Arthritis Pain

A lot of my patients are skeptical about natural treatments. And when they are suffering from the miserable and difficult-to-treat pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), I can’t blame them. These folks need relief… and they need it quick! Fortunately, the research is in on a golden spice… and it should satisfy even the...

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The #1 Risk Factor for Dementia

The fact that dementia robs you of your mind is bad enough. But the fact that there is no cure is devastating. I can’t tell you that I’ve uncovered a cure, but this is the next best thing… It’s a way for you to NEVER worry about getting dementia. Researchers have identified a major risk...

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Vision Problems? You MUST Read This!

Have you started “playing trombone” yet? You know… that in and out motion you make when you’re trying to get your book in focus. Maybe your eyesight is starting to slip. Or maybe you’re worried about developing macular degeneration, cataracts, or glaucoma. Either way, loading up on certain key nutrients can help protect your eyes...

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[Alert] THIS Drug is KILLING Seniors!

My grandfather used to say, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” That’s certainly the case with modern medicine – especially when it comes to mainstream drugs. You get a diagnosis for a condition, take a drug to treat it, and then end up with another (often deadlier) condition as a result of the drug...

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