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Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

For years he’s been the trusted doctor for celebrities, world-class athletes, and countless seniors looking to reclaim their health. And now…for the first time ever… he’s making his medical breakthroughs available to readers all across America. Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. is one of the most pioneering and innovative minds in medicine today – and he delivers cutting-edge cures each month through his Natural Health Response newsletter. Natural Health Response readers get full access to Dr. Gerhauser’s protocols for chronic pain… heart disease… diabetes… Alzheimer’s… and even cancer. These are the very same treatments Dr. Gerhauser recommends to his own patients at his practice in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to being a board-certified medical doctor, Dr. Gerhauser has earned two master’s degrees and has served as a clinical professor at the University of Arizona. And as a physician at the world-famous Canyon Ranch, Dr. Gerhauser treated celebrities from around the world who paid dearly for the type of next-generation health information he provides Natural Health Response readers each month.

Is This FAT the Secret to LOWER Cholesterol?

It may be one of the worst foul-ups in modern health history. For years, high-fat foods were demonized because of the assumption that eating fat increased fat in your body. People were pressured to make disastrous health decisions, like switching from butter to margarine, or from full-fat milk to skim. They were told that these...

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Could This Cancer Test Be a Game-Changer?

I don’t need to tell you that being diagnosed with cancer is a nightmare. And the nightmare gets worse if you learn that your cancer was not caught early. When it comes to cancer, the sooner you catch it, the better your chances of survival. The deadliest cancers—like pancreatic cancer, for example—are so lethal because...

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The Diet Food That’s Making You Fat

There’s no shortage of bad advice when it comes to being healthy and losing weight. It’s no wonder so many people are fat and sick. In fact, there’s an entire industry that preys on people who think they’re doing what’s best for their health. The problem? The so-called “healthy” choice can not only increase your...

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What NOT to Do During Quarantine

With the cases of coronavirus increasing, words like quarantine and social distancing are on everyone’s lips these days. I hope you’re taking these warnings seriously and are planning on avoiding public places for as long as necessary. But most people I know make one key mistake when self-quarantining—and it could put you at an increased...

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NEVER Get Colon Cancer?! (EASY)

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in the U.S. It kills over 100,000 people every year, many of them seniors. And even if you survive this cancer, its side effects can impact your quality of life forever. It’s not unusual for people to experience bowel blockage, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, or sexual...

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Golden Spice Makes Arthritis Pain VANISH!

A lot of my patients are skeptical about natural treatments. And when they are suffering from the miserable and difficult-to-treat pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), I can’t blame them. These folks need relief… and they need it quick! Fortunately, the research is in on a golden spice… and it should satisfy even the...

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Lose 28 Pounds in 10 Weeks?!

Summer is just around the corner. If you’re like most people, you’d love to shed a few pounds before you head to the beach or the pool. But dieting isn’t the way to do it. For most people, diet and exercise just don’t work in the long run. There’s an easier way to lose weight...

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Dr. G’s 7 Top CURES for Dry Skin

It’s not just the cold, windy conditions outdoors that can leave your skin feeling raw and chapped. Indoors, your furnace—and even that roaring fire—can dry out both the air and your skin, too. And that hot shower or cozy bath? They can strip your skin of its natural oils. But instead of slathering on chemical-laden...

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Must-Read Breast Cancer Warning! (SHOCKING)

Breast cancer is scary. It kills more women than any other cancer. And more than 275,000 women are expected to be diagnosed this year alone. Despite our best efforts, the number of breast cancer cases just keeps climbing. And the worst part is the reason why. You see, mainstream medicine’s KEY breast cancer technology can...

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Mind-Boosting Duo RESTORES Your Youthful Brain

If you’ve noticed your mind slipping a bit as you get older, you’re not alone. Maybe you can’t banter in conversation like you used to. Maybe you have trouble remembering the name of an actor in a particular movie. Maybe you struggle with simple decisions like what to cook for dinner. You don’t have to have dementia or Alzheimer’s to experience a decline as you age. But you also don’t have to experience these embarrassing moments, either. Because there’s a mind-boosting duo that restores youthful brain function. Discover what it is… and how it works … in the month’s Natural Health Response. Plus, I’ll share with you: Four natural CURES for your enlarged prostate and 1-day solution for depression. And much, much more!

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