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Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D.

For years he’s been the trusted doctor for celebrities, world-class athletes, and countless seniors looking to reclaim their health. And now…for the first time ever… he’s making his medical breakthroughs available to readers all across America. Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. is one of the most pioneering and innovative minds in medicine today – and he delivers cutting-edge cures each month through his Natural Health Response newsletter. Natural Health Response readers get full access to Dr. Gerhauser’s protocols for chronic pain… heart disease… diabetes… Alzheimer’s… and even cancer. These are the very same treatments Dr. Gerhauser recommends to his own patients at his practice in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to being a board-certified medical doctor, Dr. Gerhauser has earned two master’s degrees and has served as a clinical professor at the University of Arizona. And as a physician at the world-famous Canyon Ranch, Dr. Gerhauser treated celebrities from around the world who paid dearly for the type of next-generation health information he provides Natural Health Response readers each month.

Reverse Memory Loss with This ‘Brain Surge Protocol’

Imagine never having to worry about memory loss… or even cancer… again. In this issue, Dr. Richard Gerhauser shows you a dementia-reversing protocol he uses with his own patients (and that requires NO prescription drugs). He also introduces you to a revolutionary new prostate cancer treatment with a 90% success rate, and a “crystal ball” test that predicts how long you’ll live.

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Meet Dr. Gerhauser

What makes the new editor of Natural Health Response so special? Learn about Dr. Richard Gerhauser’s amazing medical journey, and how he’s helping countless seniors beat Alzheimer’s, diabetes, chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, and so much more.

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Depression’s Secret Cause REVEALED

Depression is becoming an epidemic worldwide -- and nobody wants to talk about the real cause. Here’s the problem, and how to lose those blues for good.

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Bad Knee Pain? Better Read This First

Is your doc suggesting that you replace that aching, arthritic knee? Get the facts on this risky surgery before EVER agreeing to go under the knife.

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Blacklisted Treatment CURES Cancer

For 40 years, the mainstream has tried to keep a powerful cancer treatment underground. But it could save your life… or the life of someone you love.

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[Warning] Could This Drug ERASE Your Memory?

If you’re getting up several times a night to pee, you may have been prescribed a common drug for the problem. But this “wonder pill” could send your risk of dementia through the roof. Get the facts!

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Diabetes-Free in 7 Weeks

Type 2 diabetes is curable, however conventional medicine refuses to recognize this fact. It treats the disease as chronic and progressive, and physicians are only trained to address symptoms and slow complications — not cure. But Eric Westman, MD, is not your typical physician…

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Beat the System: How to Survive a Hospital Stay

We think of hospitals and nursing homes as places where people go to get well or to receive the care they need. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. That’s why we’ve put together this report, to help you learn research-backed secrets to maintaining your health and independence.

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