Slash Your Lung Cancer Risk in HALF

A recent study found that reducing inflammation in the body slashes the risk of lung cancer deaths in half.

Ancient Remedy STOPS Blood Sugar Spikes

Mulberry leaf extracts have been found to help prevent diabetes by lowering dangerous after-meal blood sugar spikes.

This Hidden Disease Can Give You Cancer

A recent study shows that shocking connection between gum disease and cancer.

The Secret Cure for High Blood Pressure

A recent study revealed for the first time that people with high blood pressure have one important deficiency in common – and addressing it could be the cure for hypertension.

8 Fun Ways to Live Longer (No Diet or Exercise!)

There are plenty of fun ways to help you live a long, healthy life that have nothing to do with diet and exercise. Dr. G shares a few of his favorites.

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The ONE Drink That Could Save Your Life

Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of drinking coffee, and now the latest shows that it might just save your life.

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Dr. G’s Secret for Stopping Colon Cancer

Numerous studies have shown that the mineral magnesium plays an important role in preventing colorectal cancer.

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Simple Trick SLASHES Alzheimer’s Risk

A recent study has revealed a surprisingly simple way to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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The Secret Cause of Heart Attacks (Hint: It’s NOT Cholesterol)

A landmark study has shown a way to slash the risk of heart attacks and strokes – and it has nothing to do with cholesterol.

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You Can STOP Ovarian Cancer – Here’s How

Three specific compounds have been found to lower the risk of ovarian cancer, which is one of the most aggressive cancers among women.

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African Tribal Secret Stops Colon Cancer

Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season could be an important way to improve gut health and lower the risk of colon cancer.

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prostate cancer

[Must Read] Take Guesswork Out of Prostate Cancer

A new test is available that can more accurately predict a man’s risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

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[Warning] Pain Pills POISONING Americans

Millions of people take OTC drugs every day assuming they’re safe, but the truth is they could be killing you.

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The $10 Cure for Skin Cancer?

Studies have found that vitamin B3 can help prevent both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

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Seniors Targeted in Mammogram Scam

A new analysis raises questions about the benefits of mammograms for older women.

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Can This LIGHTBULB Stop Diabetes?!?

A revolutionary new “smart” lightbulb could protect against the dangers associated with energy-efficient LED lights.

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5 Dead After CRAZY Weight Loss Stunt

An FDA-approved weight loss surgery that involves inserting a saline-filled water balloon in the stomach has killed five people.

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Lawsuit Reveals MASSIVE Cancer Cover-Up

Documents released in court have revealed that Monsanto has been engaging in a massive coverup to hide the dangers of Roundup.

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Dr. G’s Plan for BUSTING Brain Fog

Four common nutrients have been found to help combat those “senior moments.”

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Still Taking Statins? Better Read This FAST!

A recent analysis has found that statin drugs don’t extend lifespan – and actually cause more harm than good.

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