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How to Keep Your Cell Phone From Killing You

Cell phone use has been shown to increase the risk of cancer. Find out how you can reduce those risks.

Rebuild Your Joints in 90 Days?!?

A novel joint breakthrough could have you repairing your painful joints in as little as 90 days.

Government HIDING Deadly Cell Phone Risk

For years, government health officials have been covering up this scary fact: cell phones case cancer.

Superfood DESTROYS Breast & Colon Cancers

Onions are one of the most potent superfoods you can eat. Now, a recent study has shown that a unique type of onion is especially powerful at fighting cancer.

The Key to Perfect Prostate Health

Scientists have uncovered a rare tree extract that has been shown to reduce or eliminate common prostate problems in as little as one month.

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Arthritis Treatment is DESTROYING Your Joints!

A recent study shows that a common osteoarthritis treatment actually speeds the progression of the condition, while providing zero clinical benefit. Find out about natural solutions that can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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Disgusting! Big Pharma Scamming Dying Patients

A shocking study shows that doctors are routinely giving dying patients medicine that won’t help them.

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[Alert] Asthma Treatment’s HORRIFYING Secret

Researchers have suggested that a cancer drug could treat asthma, but nature has a better, safer solution that can get to the root cause of the condition.

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Uncle Sam’s #1 Health LIE!

A new study has found that the decade’s old advice to avoid saturated fat is “just plain wrong.”

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The 3-Month FIX for Arthritis?!?

A rare tree located along the coast of France has been shown to ease arthritis pain, improve wellbeing, and reduce the need for OTC painkillers.

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[WARNING] Diabetes Drug DOUBLING Amputations?!?

The FDA is demanding that a popular diabetes drug carry the infamous black box warning. Why? Because the drug doubles the risk of amputations.

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STOP SWIMMING Until You Read This!

Before you dive into your local swimming pool this summer, you might want to read this first. The CDC has warned that outbreaks of a diarrhea-causing parasitic infection have doubled at swimming pools. Learn how to stay safe.

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Even Deadlier Than CANCER? (Here’s How to Beat It)

A recent study found that heart failure is more fatal than the most common types of cancer. Follow these steps to improve heart function.

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Save Your Eyesight in 4 Simple Steps

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness if it’s left untreated. Numerous natural treatments have been shown to help combat the underlying cause of glaucoma.

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Exposed! Big Pharma’s New Blood Pressure Trick

Scientists claim they have found the “magic bullet” for treating high blood pressure. But a closer look at the research shows that this drug isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Beware This HUGE Summertime Fraud

A recent study has linked sunscreen use to dramatic and widespread vitamin D deficiency, which increases the risk of virtually every major disease.

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This “Life Saving” Drug is Becoming WORTHLESS

Nearly 50 percent of seniors are prescribed an antibiotic when they don’t need one, a problem that has contributed to the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

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Natural Breakthrough DESTROYS Cancer Cells

Hundreds of studies have touted the health benefits of tomatoes. Now, the most recent one has found that whole tomato extracts can treat, and prevent, stomach cancer.

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[Alert] Popular Pill Causing Heart Attacks?!?

NSAIDs like ibuprofen are well-known for increasing the risk of liver and kidney damage and gastrointestinal bleeding. Now a recent study has shown that taking these drugs dramatically increases the risk of heart attack after taking them for as little as one week.

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The "Dr. G. Fix" For Dry Eye

Dry eyes are an increasing problem that causes burning, stinging, and dryness, and can ultimately impair vision. A unique form of omega-3 fatty acids is especially effective at treating dry eyes.

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